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Image of tree roots demonstrating stronger foundations

About Stronger Ground

Stronger Ground’s mission is to support and connect people working on grounded solutions for positive social change, building healthier and more stable foundations for the world we live in.

Our launch focus is centred on supporting events, media and partnerships focussed on social impact through the Future Shakers series and other positive change focussed collaborations. We look forward to seeing how our work evolves over time in service of our purpose. 

What makes us different?

Engaging leading thinkers and doers to contribute, including you.

We bring together some of the best renowned thought leaders in our event programs. We also very much respect the deeper wisdom in the room that comes from the sum of our attendees through participatory session formats.

 Rich networking opportunities in large, diverse and inclusive groups.

Our moderate price points, effective marketing strategies and active approach towards encouraging inclusion of diversity means our events will bring you better opportunities to meet and connect with a broad range of social change makers.

No telesales harassment.

We won’t call prospects 3, 4, 5 times to tell you all about our gatherings. We are confident that the value offered in taking part in our events speaks for itself. We expect attendees to register fast to avoid missing out.

Timely and relevant discussions.

We flow with shifting local and global developments in an agile way, bringing people together to address key current social issues.

 Engaging, immersive live and hybrid event experiences.

Move away from death by PowerPoint towards interactive events that engage people to meet in a genuine way, to let down differences, share ideas and experiences, and think outside of the accepted mould.

We put our money where our mouths are.

We bring people together for discussions focussed on positive social change but beyond that, we feel it’s important to walk our talk. 10% of the net revenue from each event is donated to a relevant practical positive change cause.

No obscene conference fees.

All of our world class events are priced for affordability and accessibility, with a strong focus on social equity and inclusion.

A strong focus on sustainability and social equity.

Our choices of suppliers, venues and collaborators are centred on environmental sustainability, socially equitable work conditions and pay rates, and as best as we are able avoiding profiting from modern slavery.

Connect with us

We welcome collaborations with like-minded people and organisations. For any event or insights series related enquiries including speaking, attendance, media, sponsorship and partnership opportunites, we'd love to hear from you via the enquiry form below.

Thanks for connecting with us.
We'll get back to you soon.

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