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Future Shakers Supply Chain and Trade Futures Summit

Growing local and global market reach and supply chain resilience November 27-28 2024 Melbourne Australia and Online

In an era marked by profound worldwide and local market shocks and stresses - from global pandemics, to wars, cold wars and strategic tensions, escalating extreme weather events, cyber attacks and other supply chain disruptors - there has never been a more important time to invest in building the strength and resilience of our supply chain and trade environment to face an uncertain future.

Measures like the The Future Made in Australia initatives, national Simplified Trade System reforms, industry shifts towards increased verticality and just in case supply chain models are bringing more resilience and reliability. Parallel to these efforts is the need to strengthen Australian industries and grow local and global market reach, especially for SMEs, Indigenous led business leaders and emerging social and sustainable enterprises. On top of this supply chain and trade leaders are tackling myriad other challenges like transparency, modern slavery, reducing scope 3 greenhouse emissions and improving ESG performance and growing digitisation across all aspects of their enterprises.

Future Shakers’ inaugural Supply Chain Futures Summit will be held from 27 - 28 November 2024 in Melbourne and online and will tackle these pressures and opportunities, with a strong focus on ensuring the sustainability, resilience, transparency and security of Australia’s essential supply chains and trading networks.

Topics to be explored in our first year include:

  • Global trade, supply chain and logistics trends, market drivers and disruptors 

  • Implications of the ambitious Future Made in Australia agenda on national supply chain security and reliability and industry growth 

  • Inspirations from the east Asian shift from a focus on industry and economic development towards nation building and statecraft

  • Supporting the new captains of industry - how do we best achieve priority sector and economic growth - nurturing sustainable and holistic industrial development in priority areas vs picking shiny short term winners

  • Creating more verticality in Australian industrial supply chains

  • Taskforce progress towards Simplified Trade System goals creating a more straightforward cross-border trade environment for Australia 

  • Growing Indigenous supply chain participation through supporting Indigenous-led initiatives 

  • Increasing SME engagement in local and global supply chains 

  • Supply chain sustainability and decarbonisation - overcoming the scope 3 emissions challenge 

  • Demand management innovations changing the game - What are ASCI and SCLAA members excited about right now? What are supply chain managers investing in that are achieving them real, practical gains? 

  • Exploring the mechanics of shifting from “just in time” to “just in case” supply chain models and best practice boots on the ground industry examples 

  • Diving into the good, the bad and the ugly of free trade negotiations and deals - where are they creating better supply chain access and where are they hampering market relationship building and reach?

  • Supply chain transparency innovations and technologies supporting end to end provenance in an increasingly complex global trade environment 

  • Exciting and impactful global developments in digital transformation of trade infrastructure  

  • Last but certainly not least - the critical issue of overcoming known and hidden modern slavery in our local and global supply chains

Our focus is on connecting policy makers, researchers, industry practitioners and thought leaders and emerging innovators to work towards real positive change together. Rather than rehashing the same topics and approaches that run the mill here, I want to create a forum that is deeply considered and worthwhile, taking discussion and action agendas forward in a material and helpful way.

I’m currently speaking with leaders in the supply chain and trade space to get their views on the most relevant and timely focus areas to make sure the summit brings strong value to participants. If you're interested in collaborating around event development or want to find out more about speaking, attendance, sponsorship and partnership opportunities, contact me at


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